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트위터 동영상 쉽게 찾는 툴, ‘트위터 동영상 검색 툴’ 소개

Ggtwitter 사이트 이용하여 트위터 동영상 저장

트위터 동영상 검색 툴

Twitter is one of the leading social media platforms in the world, and it is widely used by individuals, businesses, and professionals to share information, news, and engaging content. One of the most popular features of Twitter is the ability to share videos. With millions of videos shared on Twitter every day, it can be challenging to locate specific videos or get insights into video performance.

To help users quickly locate and analyze Twitter videos, many developers have created innovative video search tools. In this article, we will explore the top video search tools for Twitter, their features, advantages, and how they can help users locate and analyze Twitter videos.

1. Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter Advanced Search is a free tool that is built into Twitter’s platform. Advanced Search allows users to narrow down their search results by applying various filters such as keyword, hashtag, date range, location, account type, and more. By using the full range of search filters, users can limit the search results to only show tweets with videos.

Advanced Search is an excellent tool for people who want to find particular videos. For example, someone who wants to learn about a specific topic can use Advanced Search to locate videos that have been shared on Twitter about that topic. Advanced Search is also helpful for businesses, marketers, and content creators who want to locate videos by their competitors or monitor the performance of their videos.

2. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is another Twitter tool created to monitor and manage Tweet streams. But, it can also be used to locate Twitter videos. TweetDeck allows users to create customized columns that display specific tweets, including videos. Users can filter their columns by various parameters, such as keywords, hashtags, and user mentions.

With TweetDeck, users can also save their columns, so they don’t have to re-create them each time they want to monitor a particular set of tweets. TweetDeck doesn’t have many advanced features like extended analytics, but it’s a great tool for monitoring and locating Twitter videos in real-time.

3. Tarsier

Tarsier is a premium video search tool that allows users to search Twitter videos across different languages and regions. It uses machine learning algorithms to improve its search results, making it easier for users to locate videos that are relevant to their needs. Tarsier also comes with advanced filters such as sentiment analysis, location, and language.

Tarsier is helpful for businesses and marketers who want to track their competitors’ performance, monitor a specific region, or get an overview of the videos shared on Twitter about their brand. Tarsier also provides detailed analytics, such as number of views, retweets, and likes, making it easy to analyze the impact of each video.

4. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse is a social media management tool that includes a video search feature for Twitter. It allows users to monitor and track Twitter videos, including their performance, through advanced analytics. AgoraPulse also allows users to create customized reports that show the impact of each video over time.

AgoraPulse is helpful for businesses and marketers who want to track their brand’s videos in real-time, analyze their performance and the performance of their competitors. AgoraPulse also makes it easy to monitor social media campaigns and provides insights into how each campaign is performing.

5. Snaplytics

Snaplytics is a social media analytics tool that is designed for Snapchat but also includes a feature for Twitter video analytics. Snaplytics provides detailed analytics about Twitter videos, including metrics such as views, impressions, and completion rates. Snaplytics also allows users to create customized reports and monitor their videos’ performance over time.

Snaplytics is a helpful tool for businesses and marketers who want to track the impact of their Twitter videos, learn more about their audience, and optimize their video content based on what works. Snaplytics also provides insights into what type of videos are performing well on Twitter, making it a great tool for content creators looking to improve.


Q: What is Twitter?

A: Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to share short messages, images, and videos.

Q: What is Twitter video search?

A: Twitter video search tools allow users to find and analyze videos shared on Twitter more easily.

Q: What are the advantages of using Twitter video search tools?

A: The primary advantage of using Twitter video search tools is the ability to locate videos on specific topics or from specific sources more easily.

Q: Are Twitter video search tools free?

A: Some Twitter video search tools are free, while others require a subscription or payment.

Q: Can I track my Twitter video performance using video search tools?

A: Yes, many video search tools provide detailed analytics about Twitter video performance.

Q: What types of businesses and professionals would benefit from using video search tools?

A: Anyone who shares videos on Twitter, such as businesses, marketers, content creators, and social media managers, can benefit from video search tools.

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“트위터 동영상 검색 툴” 관련 동영상 보기

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트위터 동영상 검색 툴 관련 이미지

트위터 동영상 검색 툴 주제와 관련된 50개의 이미지를 찾았습니다.

실시간 트위터 검색엔진 - Scoopler - 서지스윈 @It. 블로그 매거진.
실시간 트위터 검색엔진 – Scoopler – 서지스윈 @It. 블로그 매거진.
트위터 검색, 링크포함 트윗만 골라내는 5가지 팁 - 서지스윈 @It. 블로그 매거진.
트위터 검색, 링크포함 트윗만 골라내는 5가지 팁 – 서지스윈 @It. 블로그 매거진.
Ggtwitter 사이트 이용하여 트위터 동영상 저장
Ggtwitter 사이트 이용하여 트위터 동영상 저장

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